Chickbites Expands Its Mediterranean Delights to Elmira, Ontario

At Chickbites, we are thrilled to announce a brand-new chapter in our journey to bring the flavours of the Mediterranean to every corner of Canada. Our latest milestone takes us to Elmira, Ontario, where we're excited to introduce our mouthwatering Mediterranean fast-food delights to the Elmira community.


A Mediterranean Twist in the Heart of Elmira

Our commitment to serving delectable Mediterranean cuisine with a modern twist has been at the core of Chickbites since day one. Elmira, you're in for a treat! Located inside Petro Canada at 110 Earl Martin Dr, Elmira, ON N3B 3L4, our new branch promises to deliver the same exceptional quality and flavors that Chickbites is renowned for.


A Big Step in Our Canadian Expansion

Expanding to Elmira marks a significant milestone for Chickbites. It's a testament to our dedication to sharing the rich culinary heritage of the Mediterranean with Canadians from coast to coast. Elmira is a vibrant and welcoming community, and we are honoured to become a part of it.


What to Expect at Chickbites Elmira

Our Elmira location may have a slightly limited menu compared to our other branches, but we've carefully curated it to include our most beloved and iconic Mediterranean-inspired dishes. From savoury shawarma wraps bursting with flavour to fresh salads brimming with vibrant ingredients, we have something to satisfy every craving.

For the full menu and detailed descriptions of our dishes, we invite you to visit our website. There, you can explore our complete range of offerings and discover the unique flavours that make Chickbites a favourite destination for Mediterranean cuisine enthusiasts.


A Warm Welcome Awaits

We can't wait to see new faces and welcome familiar ones at Chickbites Elmira. Our friendly staff is here to ensure your dining experience is nothing short of exceptional. At Chickbites, we believe in creating a warm and inviting atmosphere where good food and great company come together.


Join Us on this Delicious Journey

As we embark on this exciting adventure in Elmira, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of our customers who have supported us along the way. Your love for Chickbites has fuelled our passion to share the Mediterranean culinary experience with the world.

Stay tuned for special promotions and events as we celebrate our Elmira grand opening. Follow us on social media, and be sure to visit us soon at our new location.

Thank you, Elmira, for welcoming Chickbites with open arms. We're excited to become a part of your community and serve you the delicious flavours of the Mediterranean. Get ready to embark on a culinary journey like no other right here in Elmira, Ontario!

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